We are a company and as such, we must make profits in order to pay our expenses and allow us to live from our work. However, nothing obliges us to aim for unlimited growth, to damage or exploit those around us to achieve this. If we can combine entrepreneurial success with the common good, everyone wins. To share with you our path to this big challenge, we have created this "Better" section. This term alone sums up what we want to do: use our business model as a force to make things better.  You'll find plenty of information about our business and what we're doing in full transparency: our progress and our limits. We also share our knowledge gained through experience and questions still pending.

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  • Producing in Portugal: why does it change (almost) everything?
    Published : 08/30/2021 | Categories : Better

    The shoe industry is opaque and this has consequences on the workers. The large number of subcontractors and the geographical distribution of world production, concentrated in countries where control is not always easy, explains this state of affairs.
    We have chosen to produce in Portugal since the beginning of the brand (10 years) and for 7 years in the same factory! This changes a lot of things objectively, but is it perfect? Is "made in Europe" infallible? Here is our current knowledge on the subject.


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  • We have decided to start the B-CORP certification process!
    Published : 07/19/2021 | Categories : Better

    We decided to apply to a social and environmental certification: B-Corp. Our idea is to structure our processes and to understand where we need to progress when it comes to our commitments. We also want to help our customers to better understand what is going on, because today everyone describes themselves as ethical...
    At the time of writing, our application is being reviewed and we will have a return within 5 to 7 months. The result is uncertain but the 4 months we spent preparing our file have already given us so much that we wanted to share this first step with you!


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  • Can leather be compatible with a responsible approach?
    Published : 03/29/2021 | Categories : Better

    It's a question that concerns a lot of eco-responsible brands today: can a leather shoe be compatible with an ethical approach? We thought it was important to take the time to explain in all transparency why we believe that our leather is the most suitable material to make a quality and responsible children's shoe.


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  • Recycled cotton for our children's shoes, the real good idea.
    Published : 03/25/2021 | Categories : Better

    We were not very familiar with cotton. It's a material that we very rarely find on our models. We mainly use it on our summer ranges, as outer lining for shoes and slippers.
    Here we share our research and the reasons that led us to choose recycled cotton.


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    Published : 10/17/2020 | Categories : Better

    In order to minimize our impact on environment the best solution is to extend the life cycle of the products we use. This is why we offer a second life to your old Benjie shoes. Eco-friendly and responsible, this is how will be the future !

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