More than 30.000 CHF to manufacture our future recycled soles!

More than 30.000 CHF to manufacture our future recycled soles!

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JUNE 2022

33'820 CHF ! This is the amount we managed to collect thanks to the precious support of 88 contributors!


Alejandra, Alexandra, Alexis, Alfred, Anaïs, Anne, Antonia, Aude , Aurélie, Béatrice, Bénédicte, Bernard, Camila, Camille, Caroline, Catherine, Céline, Chloé, Christine, Claude, Delphine, Diana, Diane, Elisabeth, Elliott, Emilie, Eric, Estelle, Florence, François, Frédérique, Galina, Géraldine, Isabelle, Janique, Jean-Christophe, Jessica, Jonathan, Julie, Kathleen, Laetitia, Laura, Laurence , Lilibeth, Mag, Magali, Manuela, Marianne, Marie-Paule, Marisol, Marlène, Matilde, Melissa, Michael, Miryam, Nadine, Nathalie, Nicole, Olivia, Olivier, Pascale, Pia, Pierre, Pierre-Marie, Rachel, Rosella, Solange, Solène, Sophie, Stéphane, Tatiana, Thomas, Vanessa, Virginie, Viridiana, Youri

This amount will allow us to make the molds for the production of a completely new kind of soles! These new soles will be made by crushing old Benjie shoes (we will just remove the metal), to obtain a powder which, mixed with latex, will be used to make a new sole!

We will keep you updated on the project. The next step is the realization of a prototype by the end of the year, then if all goes well, the first soles will arrive with the winter 2023 collection! 

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