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Wearing shoes of the right size is obviously very important in the development of the foot. Unfortunately, all too often we find that the size is not appropriate.

Very few children are born with an unhealthy foot. However, in adulthood, podiatrists often notice degradations that arose during childhood. Back pain, spinal problems, everything is related to posture. When shoes are too small, young children adapt: they retract the toes, move the foot in the shoe, all this contributes to hampering support and distorting posture.

Follow our step-by-step process to measure the child's shoe size.

1/ Remove the sole of the shoe and place it on the floor against a wall.

2/ put the child in a standing position with heels against the wall and the foot flat on the sole.

Then look at the result.

The foot occupies the entire comfort zone designed at the front of the sole.
It's too small.

The foot barely reaches the beginning of the comfort zone drawn on the front of the sole. 
It's too big.

The foot is in the comfort zone drawn on the front of the sole. 
It's the right size.

Check from time to time.

Thanks to this sole, you can control yourself the evolution of the size of your child's foot. Remember to do it regularly, it changes quickly with small children!

Between 1 year and 2 years, consider 3 to 4 sizes per year
Between 2 and 3 years, consider 2 to 3 sizes per year
From 4 years on, consider 2 sizes per year
From 7/8 years on, consider 1 size per year
As a teenager, the foot stops growing


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