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A well-caired shoe keeps its property longer

Let's face it: at first glance, most parents don't pay much attention to their children's shoes care... However, there are many advantages to maintaining a Benjie leather, so that the materials retain all their properties, in particular flexibility and resistance to water.

In addition, there are a lot of interests extending your Benjies' life for social and environmental reasons. This is achievable if the shoe has been well maintained. See our second life program here.

Leather acquires a certain patina and is damaged by the many shocks that children put it through. Proper care gives shoes a very beautiful appearance.
Shoe care depends above all on the leather type. Here are our main categories of leather and our best advice on the subject. For multi-material models, care must be done on a zone-by-zone basis.

1/ Suede:

Brush the shoe beforehand using a soft brush to remove dust. Then apply a waterproofing spray.

If there are more important tasks or the velvet is very dull, use a suede eraser (or a simple eraser if you do not have one), but don't do so systematically not to damage the suede.

2/ Smooth leather:

Wipe the shoe with a slightly moistened soft cloth. You can add a little bit of Marseille soap or special leather soap if necessary. Allow it to dry. Then apply a colorless polish to create a thin protective film. You will find these waxes in the form of paste, cream or liquid with applicator. Avoid using too much product.

You can also apply a waterproofing spray. Some sprays also take care of leather. If the wear on the color of the leather is dull or damaged, use a shoe polish cream. Do a practice patch if possible.

Be aware that shoe polish can slightly change the original color. Finish by passing a soft brush to make it shine.

3/ Metal leather:

Simply clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth and wipe with a dry cloth. Do not apply any shoe polish. You can use a varnish milk to restore its shine if necessary.

4/ Canvas:

Brush the canvas to remove dust if necessary. With the help of a damp cloth and a mild soap, clean any stains then let it dry.

Finally, for all leather types, you can waterproof them for the winter with a spray. Nano technologies are the latest trend. So no need to pile it on ... plus they dry very quickly! Check your product: most sprays are "multifunctional" and contain waterproofing. No need to buy 2 products…

Finally, be aware that shoe polish and grease help waterproof leather and contains much less chemicals than a spray….


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